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copyblogger, Brian Clark | Writing Lines | Feeling Cheeky

copyblogger, Brian Clark is feeling pretty cheeky this morning.  Using a post entitled “The Writer Runs This Show” to write lines too.

His point is that this writing could be done by the person who wants it done.  Or it could be done by writers who may write it better.  However, there is that cost to everything.

Write it yourself, business world and you risk missing business opportunities. Or you run out of time and neglect business segments that require your intense attention.

Hire a good writer and be nice to him.   Keep him imspired by being something he can believe in.  Believe in his creativity and don’t make him run the gauntlet of all the wannabes in the company.  If they were really writers, who would need him? They would be doing this.

I enjoy copyblogger a lot.  Somethings I can apply, somethings I just read about.

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